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Rapid Substitution

A plan to reduce and replace fossil fuel use and raise billions to accelerate the transition to cleaner energy.

The Basics of

rapid SUBstitution

Reduce Oil Demand

Rapid reduction of oil demand through economic, political, commercial and grassroots actions.

generate savings

Reduced demand crashes the price of oil - saving all energy users/consumers/commercial sectors billions of dollars.

Invest in green economy

A price floor could allow the government to capture some of that savings - and reinvest in the green economy.

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Our Work

Rapid Substitution has a lot of moving parts - download our source paper on how it works!

The Team

We are passionate about this work - find out why!

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Are We Approaching A Permanent Collapse Of Oil Prices?

Why The ‘Rapid Substitution’ Of Fossil Fuels For Renewables Will Crash Oil And Save Consumers Money.

Action plans

Paths to a 5% Drop in Oil Demand

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Passenger Vehicles

Learn how cars, trucks, rideshare, and public transportation are key elements to the energy transition.

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Commercial Vehicles

Learn how trucks, trains, and delivery vehicles are key elements to the energy transition.

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Driving Less

Learn how bike riding, work from home, and better urban design are key elements to the energy transition.

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Signing and sharing our petition shows the world you support Rapid Substitution, and contacting your member of Congress helps to create policies that move us closer to low oil solutions.

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