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Calculate the Savings of Rapid Substitution

If half of the 194 million cars in the United States were replaced with equivalent zero emission vehicles, how much oil and money would be saved? How about if delivery trucks, tractor-trailers, or buses were replaced?

You can use the Rapid Substitution calculator to create substitution scenarios that accelerate the energy transition away from fossil fuels!

Consider the following example scenario:

Based on 0 Million More EVs
Gas Powered Vehicles Substituted for Electric Vehicles
Saves 0 Million Barrels↓
Total Barrels of Oil Saved in this Scenario
Oil Demand Down 0 %↓
Results in This Reduction in Oil Demand
$ 0 Billion USD Saved
Results in Annual Savings for US Consumers

take a deep dive into

Rapid Substitution

The Rapid Substitution team has created an extensive analysis and outline of the Rapid Substitution strategy.

In this “Deep Dive” document we go into the step by step process of the oil economics behind Rapid Substitution.


Cheaper Transportation

This paper demonstrates how EVs will save both EV drivers and ICE vehicle drivers thousands of dollars per year building political and financial support for the energy transition.  

Rapid Substitution Calculator

Use our Rapid Substitution calculator to try different scenarios to see how they will reduce the demand for oil and save billions of dollars for American consumers.

Adjust the sliders to set the number of each type of vehicle to be substituted in your scenario. Replacement vehicles could be fueled by electricity, hydrogen, biofuels, or in the case of cars, simply by walking, biking, or riding an electric scooter. The point is that the selected vehicles will no longer be powered by gasoline or diesel.

Using our key assumptions based on analysis of historical date, attaining a five-percent (5%) drop in the demand for oil will lead to at least a fifty-percent (50%) drop in the price for oil, saving money for US consumers and vastly reducing the volume of greenhouse gases being pumped into the atmosphere.

Adjust sliders to set number of vehicles to be replaced.

Approximate size of US fleet in 2019


194 million

SUVs/Light Trucks

59 million

Delivery Trucks

15.5 million

Class 8 Trucks

3.9 million

Transit Buses


School Buses


Refuse Trucks


Calculation Results

Total barrels saved in this scenario

Reduction in Oil Demand

Additional barrels of oil saved to reach total reduction in demand of 5%

Annual Savings for US Consumers


historical examples

When has the price of Oil crashed before?

Car suspension and exhaust pipe
CAFE Standards

In 1978, the implementation of the Federal CAFE standards contributed to a sharp decline in oil demand that resulted in much lower oil prices for almost a decade.

Wall street sign in New York with American flags and New York Stock Exchange background.
Great Recession

In 2008, when wallets got tight, people stayed home, causing the demand for oil to crash – and with it the price.

Virus pandemic cells or bacteria molecule concept. Germs, bacteria, cell infected organism.
COVID Pandemic

In 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic rapidly destroyed demand for oil – and caused oil prices to plummet.

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